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  • Apex Management Systems – Consultants Limited, hereunder referred to as Apex, has for the last four years organized the ISO certified and accredited firms Exhibition (Expo). The Expo aims to raise awareness among the Kenyan populace on the benefits of standardization to the Kenyan Economy. The Expo gives a chance to the exhibitors to show case their products and services and tell the world how standards have influenced their production and business processes. This assures their current and potential consumers, partners, and investors of products/services that are safe, reliable, environment friendly and of good quality, thus facilitating the development of trade. The Expo also provides an opportunity for exhibitors to get feedback from members of the public and consumers, to launch and promote new products as well as develop business relationships with new clients.


    This year’s Expo was held from the 2014 August 13th to 15th at the Kenyatta International Convection Centre (KICC) Nairobi, Kenya. In collaboration with Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and the Africa Organization for Standardization (ARSO), Apex once again was able to bring different industry players to the expo. The theme was Standardization as a driver for Improving Africa’s Competitiveness. Unlike prior years where Apex in consultation with Kenya Bureau of Standards came up with the theme of the Expo, this year’s theme was borrowed from the Africa standardization day. This enabled Apex to preach the same message as ARSO hence emphasizing the importance of standardization in the Africa economy.

    Like prior years, the expo was comprised of three distinct activities running concurrently, that is the Expo, workshops and plenary sessions.

    The Expo was held at Lenana Hall. The Chief Guest, Dr. Hermogene Nsengimana Secretary General ARSO officially opened the Expo and welcomed Exhibitors to the ‘4th Annual ISO certified/accredited firms Expo’ 2014.

    The exhibitors for 2014 included: Government departments and parastatals, Research Institutions, Certifying bodies, Hospitals, Private companies, Sugar companies and African Organization for Standardization (ARSO).

    The Plenary Sessions were held at Lenana Hall, KICC from 2014 August 13th to 15th. The plenary sessions generally aim to educate the general populace on the importance of standardization in their lives and areas of work. Ultimately, improving the quality culture in Kenya.

    The topics presented during the plenary sessions were as follows:


    Day 1


    1. Standards in our daily lives by David Amoro, Senior Consultant Apex;
    2. Effective Change by David Bernard Stevens, Board Member Apex;
    3. Role of Standards in improving health care in Kenya by Ms. Josephine Mutinda, National Nurses Association of Kenya.


    Day 2


    1. Standardization as a driver for improving micro & small enterprises {Jua Kali} sector by Alligator Makori, Senior Consultant Apex,   Rueben Gisore Technical, Director ARSO and Engineer Charles Kalomba, Director Jua Kali Sector;
    2. Standardization as a driver for improving micro and small enterprises by Dr. Hermogene Nsengimana, Secretary General ARSO.


    Day 3


    1. Standards make the world go round by Mr. David Amoro, Senior Consultant Apex;
    2. The role of consumers in development of standards by Christine Ajulu, Executive Director Consumer Information Network.


    Running simultaneously with the Expo and Plenary sessions were three training workshops namely: Lead Auditor, Management Representative and Harmonization of Performance contracting and Quality management systems. The workshops ran from 2014 August 11th to 15th at the Sarova Stanley Hotel. The yearly Expo workshops aim to impact knowledge on the implementation and maintenance of management systems.

    The closing ceremony for both the workshops and Expo was held on 2014 August 15th at Lenana Hall, KICC. The CEO Apex, Hellen Bosibori Okioma, thanked all the participants from the Expo, workshops and plenary sessions for making Expo 2014 a successful event. The Director National Quality institute, Cyrus Wambari, reminded participants the importance of standardization to consumers and the role of Government in ensuring that consumers receive safe, reliable and quality products/services. The Chief Guest – Mr. Manu Chandaria, thanked Apex for organizing an event that promotes standardization and the quality culture in Kenya. To enhance business competitiveness in Kenya, the Chief Guest encouraged young entrepreneurs to implements standards. Thereafter the Director National Quality Institute presented certificates to Harmonizing QMS and PC participants as well as the MR participants. The Chief Guest presented EXPO certificates for the winners, and officially closed the Expo 2014.


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